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Look at your hands, What do you see? The chipped polish and unshaven look of nails, along with the city’s grub nestled under your nails, right? So it is the correct time to give your nail a perfect look, with a tremendous shine and brighter look. We are one of the popular Nail Salon in Everett WA, who provide you complete care having the best and luxurious facilities to pamper your nail. We are proudly the nail salon having the professionals who focus to provide you clean designs, indulgent care, and amazing designs having the latest collection of nail equipment that can nurture your nails completely giving the best, shining, and attractive look.

Why Choose nails everett wa

Massage Therapy

We provide complete massage therapy for your nails and hands to calm your body and to keep your hands and nails moisturized, we have different massage therapies that can be customized according to your needs.


Along with caring for your nails, we provide complete care for your face and body, we have several packages for providing you with the best facial massage.


Your feet express your personality and thus we focus to provide you complete pedicure services having an efficient and dedicated staff.


We have the latest equipment and technology to make your hands and nails beautiful. We have different packages of manicure according to your needs.

Nail Art

We have skilled staff, who can provide you with thousands of beautiful nail art designs along with this we all the latest nail paint and nail art decoration things that can make your hand more beautiful.

Body Wraps

Nail Salon Everett WA provide complete body wraps, so that you can have a beautiful, attractive, and smooth body.

About Nail Salon Everett Washington

We comprehend the worries of life and need to guarantee that while you are here, you are thought about in a sustaining and nurturing way. To additionally upgrade your experience nails Everett WA have adjusted ourselves to Aveda, a characteristic hair and skincare organization that offers our way of thinking of training, thinking about the world in which we live and offering back to society. We are thankful for your support and trust that your time went through with us will be the feature of your day. Our Nail Salon Everett WA offers the great quality assistance in each zone of our salon and spa. We are exceptionally blessed to have a system of top national-coaches through Aveda's multifaceted instructive program as our wellspring of information and motivation. Thus, we believe that your time went through with us will be an unwinding and beneficial experience. Let our staff of exceptionally prepared fashioners assist you with accomplishing your own individual look. Unadulterated plant-sourced, Aseda everything except started the natural pattern in nail care over twenty years prior. Aseda surface creams are imbued with natural marshmallow root. Air-injected innovation impels the Aseda hair splash. Aseda shampoos and conditioners are made with complex normal fragrances that change your state of mind as you change your hair.

Find hair shading with the vitality of plants. Our imaginative equations leave hair basically harm-free—injected with molding plant oils for shinier, sound looking shading. In perpetual and store just shades—from lively essential and optional hues to normally based tans, blondies and reds. With unadulterated plant smells that relieve the faculties.

We offer the best services of, Pedicure Everett WA 


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“All I can say is it is the best nail salon and spa where we can enjoy the best services under the surveillance of highly trained and skilled staff and would recommend it to everyone.”

Jack Williams


“A good place to get beautiful and attractive nails, they not only focus on providing beautiful nails but also provide overall care for the body, it is advisable to visit at least once there. ”

Nick Jones


“A cooperative and friendly staff, who provide services according to your needs and choices, I am still surprised at how they manage to serve overall body care services to customers being a nail salon and spa, recommended to all who want beautiful hands and body.”

Shae Brown

Through you, we can imagine excellent hair throughout each and every day.

We impart through our enthusiasm for the masterfulness exchange to make another you that is in the know regarding the most recent patterns and styles. Trust, collaboration, and instruction are the premise of our triumphs; and we resolve to urge the magnificence within the entirety of our customers, and reproducing it outwardly. Our group welcomes you to encounter a culture that pulls in and engages our customers, and one another, through quality, respectability, and great client care. s as we are undoubtedly the Nail Salon Everett WA, so call us now and book your appointment.

Nail Enhancement's Services

Acrylic Full Set
Pink and White Full Set
Plunge Gel Full Set
Sparkle Gel Full Set
Acrylic Fill – In
Sparkle Gel Fill – In
Pink and White Fill-In

So don’t compromise the beauty of your nails, book your appointment now to get the desired care for your nails, if you follow a busy schedule then we can even provide you the services at your home. You can trust us to have the best nail service


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