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At pedicure Everett WA it is our true want to offer excellent support to all who go through our entryways. Our objective at Nail Salon Everett WA is to become Daymakers; to help change the world each individual in turn by filling your heart with joy! 


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With more than 35 years of experience, we pedicure Everett are positive about furnishing you with quality administrations.


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You can rely on our specialists to guarantee that you get what you need and merit. Regardless of whether you need a hairstyle or perm, we have you secured. We additionally do hair shading, features, smoothing, and that's just the beginning.

Pedicure Everett WA is a first-class nail salon and spa in Everett, Washington. Our nail and spa salon is the most moderate and expert. We center around client security, needs, and fulfillment.

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Uncommon Treatments
Made from normal herbs
100% safe for your skin
A novel from other Spa medicines
Quality item from SpaLabs
Uncommon blessings and offers for you
Made by Medical Professionals of Spa Lab

Services Overview:

Nail trim
Exemplary Manicure
In a rush? Make the most of our exclusive nail trim, without the paraffin plunge.

Exclusive Manicure w/Paraffin
Hand absorbs warmed warm cushion, fingernail skin cutting, nail molding, knead with a rich body crème and clean of your decision. Plunge in warm fluid wax that calms the skin and eases a throbbing painfulness. Keep up dampness in your nails, fingernail skin, and skin with our smell paraffin plunges.

Shellac Gel Color Manicure
It's a high reproduced between a gel and a clean. The nails are manicured/pedicured and cleaned; Finally, Shellac is applied like clean. At that point restored under UV light. Interestingly, there is no harm to your regular nails, and exit dry. It keeps going for 2 weeks.

Exemplary Pedicure
Feet shower in ocean salt shine, nail molding, fingernail skin cutting, knead with a rich body crème, and clean of your decision.

Grand Pedicure
Exemplary pedicure with peppermint scour causes sheds to swamp dry and harsh skin, supplement rich masque with our fragrance of peppermint.

Extravagance Pedicure
Exemplary pedicure with Aloe-Vera Cream saturating and alleviating your skin. Our pedicure Everett WA cucumber foot cream helps in the fix of dry and broke impact points. This absolute extravagance treatment is compelled with a back rub utilizing a rich body hydrating crème, warm scented towel, and lavender oil leaving you feeling light and revived.

Mark Pedicure
It follows the rules or our Classic Pedicure however utilizes a milk and nectar mix to smooth and hydrate tired feet. Our pedicure Everett nectar clean and unique veil alleviates and hydrates, fixing in dampness leaving your skin delicate and supple. You'll appreciate a dunk in our paraffin and experience a loosening up rub with nectar milk spread.

Seattle Hill Pedicure
This treatment follows indistinguishable rules from our Classic Pedicure with the treatment of a Hot Basalt Stones knead into your feet and calves, wiping out all the pressures. Completion with a warm dunk into your awn Paraffin Wax to mitigate the skin and help calms with throbs and agony.

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